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Monday, September 08, 2014

No Plans Yet

It has been a long day.  I started my day at the Summit Medical Group urgent care with Paige who woke up with severe neck pain.  Turns out that she is having muscle spasms in her neck that are causing her muscles to pull on her neck bones so they put her on Valium, gave her a neck brace, and said no sports for a week and no school for at least today (Monday).  UGH!  So, Jan to the rescue --- she stayed home with Paige all day while Scott and I went into NYC.

We left for NYC at 11:15 and arrived back home at about 7:15 and we don't have a plan yet.  While that was disappointing, there were some positive aspects of the day so I'll try to focus on them:

1.  Scott's incision is healing well.  The stitches are still in and there is still a risk of infection but overall he is healing well.   Surgeon will take another look sometime next week but he was happy with how things looked today.

2.  Since not all of the molecular tests of the tumor have come back yet, the oncologist wasn't ready with a treatment plan for Scott yet.  We discussed a few options and he is going to research some of them this week.  Since Scott is still on steroids and the incision isn't fully healed yet, he can't start a treatment yet anyway.  So while he weans from steroids and heals from surgery, we will continue moving forward and making a plan.  We will touch base with him sometime on Friday.

3.  The docs were patient and answered all our questions.   I felt like our thoughts and opinions mattered and we were treated with respect.

That's about it.  Another week of waiting and healing and praying for a plan moving forward.

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