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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Small Leak in the Incision...

Scott had a very small leak in his incision over the weekend so we went to MSK yesterday to see his surgeon.  The surgeon drained quite a bit of fluid from under the stitches area again and sent it off to get a culture to check for infection.  He gave us a good explanation of what seems to be happening and possible ways to remedy the problem.  Scott is now wearing a wrap on his head to put pressure on the area so the leak will hopefully stop and the skin can hopefully heal.  We will see the surgeon again on Friday to see if this seems to be helping.  If it is not, he may need to have a shunt put in to help drain the cerebral fluid back into his body so it stops trying to escape through the incision.  The fluid looked clear so hopefully the culture comes back showing no infection because that would be a whole different issue!

We also talked with Scott's oncologist yesterday and he is busy working on several treatment options for Scott including a couple of possible clinical trials.  He just needs to be healed from the surgery first so that is what we are still focusing on now.  Friday will be a busy day as Scott will have an MRI, see the surgeon, and lastly see the oncologist.

Have a great week everyone!


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