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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Liver and Platelet Update

Scott's numbers are moving in the right direction - slowly - but they are not getting worse so that is good.  Dr. Lassman said that he is very encouraged that the numbers will continue to get better but it will take time.  He, unfortunately, thinks that we may need to reschedule our trip but we will decide that for sure on Friday or Saturday.  A normal liver count is about 50 and Scott's is over 1500 (way too high but has come down slightly since yesterday) and a normal platelet count is about 250 and Scott's is 37 (but slightly up from yesterday).  He is getting a large IV dose of steroids and a different anti-seizure med via IV.   Docs aren't sure what exactly is causing the could be the anti-seizure medication or the Keytruda infusion so changes will be made to both.  He is moving out of the step down room now and into a regular room which is great (that room with 4 patients was a little depressing!).  Scott also had a cat scan of his liver today which looked good and showed no infection so that was positive news.  He should get an MRI of his brain sometime tomorrow and an EEG to record any seizure activity to make sure the new meds are working.   That's about it.  He'll be in the hospital for a few days, at the least until his levels get quite a bit better.  I'm going to snuggle my kids while watching American Idol and eating Zita's Ice Cream now.  Wish Scott was home to be with us.  That is by far the hardest part of all of this.  I just want my husband home and well.

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  1. Love you guys. Snuggle those kiddos and eat away. Hoping levels continue to improve. Hope you get some rest tonight. xo