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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Not Much to Report

So if you've ever been in the hospital you know that everything happens on their time!  The MRI that was supposed to happen yesterday is happening Now which is 3:00pm on Thursday!  And that was only after I asked, asked, got mad, asked, pushed, it is finally happening.  I'm sure we won't get any results until tomorrow least it's being done.

Scott's liver levels continue to drop and he was in the 800s this morning!  Still a ways to go to get near normal but it is moving in the right direction so the high steroid dose via IV is working.  His platelets are stable -- haven't increased much yet but the docs say that will take sometime.  

Scott continues to struggle with word finding so I'm anxious for the MRI and hoping that the cause is not tumor growth but instead that the immunotherapy causing all the liver problems is also making the tumors shrink - that would make this all worth it!  Say a prayer for that!

He is in a private room at the hospital with a good view so he's been able to enjoy some of the sunshine on this beautiful spring day.  I'll update again when I have more information.  :)



  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Sending prayers for positive news from the MRI and continued drop in liver enzyme levels. Thinking of you, Scott and the kids. Lots of love, Nikki Ramirez

  2. Sounds like things are moving in the right direction slowly, but surely. You keep pushing for what you need. He is so lucky to have you advocating for him. Sending love to all. xo