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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Updates on Tests

Hi All!

The liver function tests were a little like a roller coaster last week but they are finally trending down fairly steadily now.  The doc decreased his steriod amount (although he's still on a lot!) so we are hoping this trend continues until he is at a normal level!  I think it is the new liver rejection med that is helping the liver enzymes to move in the right direction.  Tomorrow (Thursday) Scott will see a new doc who is an infectious disease specialist because he has a compromised imuune system right now so they might want to add a profilactic anti-biotic.

Other than that, Scott is enjoying the warm spring weather every day, watching the trees bloom and enjoying afternoon naps in the hammock.  He continues to go to speech and cognitive therapy to help re-route the brain function.  JJ came home from school today and apparently had learned in health class all about how the brain can re-wire itself when it is struggling.  JJ thought about this in terms of learning a new piano piece but I think the same applies to Scott...some brain tasks may cause some struggles for him but I believe his brain can rewire itself with the tasks he struggles to accomplish so that he can tackle them better in the future.

I'm not sure yet what the future plan is for treating the brain cancer but I'm sure we will have an MRI sometime in May and when the liver functions are stable and he is weaned from a lot of the meds, we will start talking about treatment options at that point.

That's it for now!  Happy Spring :)



  1. Love to you all ... as always!
    xxoo Mary, Mitch, Eve and Eli

  2. Hope the appt. went well yesterday. Will call you tomorrow. xo