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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nantucket 2015 and Updates

We spent a glorious week in is below.  Be warned...watching this video may cause viewers to want to book an immediate trip to Nantucket.  (2nd warning...the video is 9 minutes long so watch at your leisure or fast forward as desired!)  Our week in Nantucket was truly wonderful...we wish we could have stayed longer!

Now back to reality...Scott had a biopsy of the liver today and all went well.  We then met with the radiation oncologist and discussed re-irradiating again.  We have decided on a very small dose of radiation because the docs think this is what caused the immunotherapy to be so successful so we are trying to recreate the success that occurred earlier this year.  Scott will have a cat scan on Friday to map out the location for the radiation and  we will meet with the oncologist next week to finalize the dates and the new plan but we hope he will start soon.  


  1. LOVE this and all of you! <3

  2. Love you too Deb! xoxo