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Thursday, July 02, 2015

New Spots on July Scan

It looks like Scott didn't take Keytruda long enough to kill all the nasty cancer cells in his brain.   In the past month, there are a few new cancer spots that have appeared on the July scan. In the picture below, the bigger enhanced area is a previous tumor that increased, slightly, in surrounding white matter since the last scan (we were hoping that was just scarring from radiation).  Then there are the other, smaller spots which are new tumors that grew in the past month.

 In addition, Scott's LFTs (liver tests) have increased again.  He is going to have a biopsy of his liver in a couple of weeks to see what is going on with that.  He also has a spot on his thyroid and will have a biopsy of that in August (docs aren't concerned with this which is good).

The plan going forward is to probably do Keytruda again with a possible additional small dose of radiation.  None of this plan is set yet --- we have to see several doctors before anything can happen.  He was also put on a small dose of steroids to help the LFTs stay under control.

On a positive note, we are off to Nantucket for a vacation soon which will be nice.  We all look forward to enjoying the beach again -- you all know how much we love to be at the beach.  It seems that the only time we can get away from doctors is to seclude ourselves in some beach resort area far from the rest of civilization.   Scott is ready and willing to continue his fight.  He really amazes me with all his determination.  I wish I could approach it all with the same attitude that he does every day.  For me, I'm tired of it.   Cancer sucks.

Love to you all.

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