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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Insurance in America

Scott is spending the weekend at Overlook Hospital.  He was supposed to be transferred last night but, according to transport, Columbia did not get approval from United healthcare before end of day Friday and now the offices are closed till Monday.  In addition, he wasn't assigned to a doc here at Overlook bc they thought he was being transferred.  So when I asked when the doctor was coming in to see him, they looked and realized he didn't have one assigned to him! Seriously I can't take anymore. 

Scott is currently hooked up to an EEG which was started at 11pm when I realized we weren't going anywhere.  It was important to get this started close to the time he had the seizure so it got started here.  We hope to see a medical doc, epilepsy doc, and some sort of neuro doc over the weekend to get some advice on how to prevent this in the future and then we will confirm any medication changes with his docs next week.

As for Scott's condition, he is improving steadily.  He has some right sided weakness from head to toe but is working on that and it's improved from yesterday. His speech was effected significantly but that is improving too.  

Thanks for all the texts and messages of support.  At least it's nice to be close to home. 


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