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Sunday, August 30, 2015


I can't believe that it is almost September!  I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while...but always know that when I don't post, it just means that we are enjoying life and just being together.  Scott hasn't had another seizure this month so it looks like the new meds are working.  We also got an emergency nasal spray that will help to calm the seizure should he have one again so that provides some comfort.   He had an infusion earlier this month and has another one scheduled for this coming Wednesday.  Tuesday, he has a biopsy of his thyroid to check the small growth that is there.  His blood tests have remained mostly stable all month so that is good.  He still struggles a lot with speech and the degree will fluctuate from day to day.  Really, anything that involves oral/written language is difficult for Scott.  It is hard to watch my husband who loved to chat and chat and chat, struggle with his words.

On a more positive note, Scott has enjoyed the almost perfect weather that NJ has had all summer.  He has enjoyed sitting in the hammock in the backyard or going to the town pool to relax in the shade.  I had a birthday this month and we went to a sunflower maze (check out the pic below) which was beautiful!  He is helping me learn to just slow down (and literally smell the flowers!).


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