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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Infusion Delayed

So...the initial results of the thyroid biopsy were favorable (as in the doc thinks the growth is benign - yay!) but because the thyroid levels in his blood are low, his doctor wants to wait until after the official biopsy results come back to give the next infusion.  The immuno-therapy might be causing the thyroid levels to drop and so they want to give his body a little more time and get some more information before moving forward.  We don't have the appointment yet but it will hopefully be sometime next week.

Some good news is that I finished Scott's SS Disability application before I return to work, officially, on Thursday (thanks to my friend Lisa for her help in getting this completed!)!   I am sad to see summer end but I'm looking forward to another year at Salt Brook Elementary School with an amazing group of teachers, administrators, and students!


Goodbye Summer!

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