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Thursday, September 17, 2015


The start of September proved to be no less busy than it is every year with the start of school for the kids and work for me.  Thank God that Jan is retired -- we couldn't survive without her.  She comes to be with Scott every - single - weekday.  I  hope things start to settle down into a bit of a routine over the next couple of weeks.  Scott did receive his infusion last Friday on the 11th and his thyroid biopsy was benign.  His stomach has been a bit unsettled on and off over the past few weeks so we are trying to get a handle on that issue because he really tries to eat a very healthy diet but it's hard when your body doesn't cooperate.

Most days I seem to be able to stay positive but today (Thursday) I just really felt sad.  Brain cancer sucks.  I could elaborate but trust me on this - it sucks. It's not that there was some major change that occurred today but it's our every day...we deal with it every day.  Scott's struggles with speech, reading, writing, thinking, communicating, seeing, and his physical weaknesses that cause him to move slowly - these are things he (and we) have to deal with every day.

That's it - I'm not going to sugar coat it today.


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