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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Uncertain News

The scan doesn't look good.  But the problem with MRIs is that many things look the same on an MRI so it's hard to tell if the immunotherapy is causing a raucous in the brain or if tumor cells are wreaking havoc.  If Scott's pet scan was normal, the doc would lean more toward it being a reaction from the immunotherapy but the pet scan was abnormal.  Because of all this information, the doc wants to get a biopsy of the material in the brain to confirm what it is and then plan the next course of action from there.  We met with a neuro-surgeon at Columbia named Jeffery Bruce who was a very calming soul.  We decided to go ahead with the biopsy which is scheduled for this coming Monday.  It is best to do it at Columbia instead of going to Scott's surgeon at Sloan because it will get the information to the neuro-oncologist in a timely manner so that we can decide on the next path quickly.

Today was, of course, upsetting to all of us.  But it is our reality.  The doctor told us that there is no cure (no shocker there)...and what we are doing is trying to control the cancer.  There is no end to this so this is what we have to do.  There is no sense dwelling on it -- just surge forward and keep living life.

Tomorrow Scott will head back into the city with his Mom for pre-surgical testing to get ready for Monday,  I will go to work, the kids will go to school, and life will go on...albeit a little busier for a short while but we will remember to smile and laugh as often as possible because life is short.


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  1. And every single day can be a lifetime. My thoughts are with you all.