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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Brain Biopsy Surgery Scheduled for Early Monday Morning

Scott will have a biopsy early Monday morning of the material seen on the MRI last week.  A biopsy of the brain is a little more tricky that other parts of the body because the doc has to drill a hole through the skull and other layers protecting the brain to get to the material he wants to biopsy.  Scott will be admitted to the hospital following the procedure but hopefully for only a day or two.

Please join us in praying that the material showing on the MRI is treatment effect and not tumor.  We hope to have an initial pathology this coming week with confirmation within a week or two after that.  Once we have the pathology, we will decide what the treatment plan will be moving forward.

Scott continues to stay positive and says that he believes that it's the immunotherapy doing it's job.  I hope he is right!



  1. Always thinking of you.....

    1. Thanks Mike. He misses you -- you up for a visit sometime?

  2. Love the positive thinking...I am going to agree! Tons of love and positive energy coming your way. Keep fighting the fight! Love you all. xo

  3. Every time I hear Fight Song, I say a prayer for all of you...and I picture you in a small boat, making big waves on the ocean of brain cancer research! Love & prayers!