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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Treatment Planned

Scott will start a different chemotherapy this week called CCNU.  We have a friend who has been taking it since January and it has helped to shrink his tumors and therefore decrease his deficits caused by the brain cancer - we hope for the same for Scott!  This chemotherapy comes in pill form and he will take several pills all at once this week and then he doesn't need to take them again for 6 weeks which is great.  It is possible that we will add another drug called Avastin to his regimen in a couple of weeks but he will need a CT scan first to make sure there is no bleeding in his tumors (there were blood spots on his new baseline MRI from yesterday).  Avastin can help reduce swelling which could help to possibly ween him off some of the steroids that he is taking so that would be good.  Avastin can't be taken until 4 weeks after any surgery and Scott is only 2 weeks since the biopsy so we would have to wait for a bit anyway.

Scott is busy every week with PT, OT, and speech.  He continuously works hard to improve the areas that cause him to struggle.  He really is such a fighter!  

That's it for now....we are happy to have a path moving forward :)

Thanks for all the positive energy and prayers our way!

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