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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


During the past several weeks, Scott's physical and language disabilities have worsened significantly.  He is now in a wheelchair full time and we have been learning how to navigate through this new challenge.  The ramp in the front is installed and the chair lift to the bedroom floor is in place.  He has increased difficulty understanding the spoken word but his memory is sharp and he will  often be the first to remind us of things like the oven is still on or that we need to take out the recycling.  

We are spending this week transitioning from home care to Hospice but this is a very smooth transition because it will be the same people from Atlantic Health that we will be working with and we have already developed relationships with all of them.  They have been very helpful to us as we learn what is best at home to help Scott.

We, of course, feel heart-broken about the decision to stop chemotherapy (because it's not working) and transition to Hospice but we know it is what is best for all of us at this time.   It is a relief to be able to be at home during this time as so much of our past several years have been spent in and out of hospitals and trips to the city that are too numerous to count.  Now, we spend our days in a much more relaxed state of mind, finding little things to enjoy each day.  Scott is truly teaching me to slow down.  His common phrases to me are things like "Just Be" or "Shhhh" or "All Things" or "All Good."  For all who know me, it is definitely difficult for me to "just be" but I'm trying.



  1. Andrew Shakalis5:23 PM

    To the Entire Spoerl Family: Thinking of you always. Nothing but love coming your way.


  2. Love you Spoerls.

  3. Sending love and prayers to all of you. Let us know, please, if there is anything you need whether it's big or small and we will continue the fight to find a cure to brain cancer!

  4. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Thinking of you my dear friend.


  5. Anonymous5:38 PM

    You are all in my thoughts. I wish you love and peace.

    An old law school friend