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Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Strategies and Routines

So just when we think we have a new routine...things change.  It's kind of like having a new born...we just have to get used to living life without a routine.   As usual, each week brings new strategies to help Scott both physically and cognitively.

On Monday, after some talented friends spent the weekend building a floor over the carpet in Scott's room, we received a Hoyer lift from Hospice.  This is a piece of equipment used to help move Scott from wheelchair to bed or vice versa when he is especially weak or when we don't have a lot of man power around to move him.  It requires a floor to be able to move successfully as it can't move on carpet.  Hospice was nervous that one of their aides might get hurt or Scott or one of us might get hurt when moving him so they wanted us to get the lift.  As you all know - Scott is not a small guy - something I've always loved about him!  The lift will take some getting used to and we don't need to use it all the time but we think it's good to be prepared so we are practicing using it regularly.  I don't think Scott is a big fan of the whole process and I don't blame him.

We are also working on developing new methods to help him communicate his thoughts and answer questions more accurately.  A good friend who is a speech pathologist has given us some suggestions which have been helpful.   We frequently apologize to Scott for all our shortcomings in fussing over him and trying to do what is wants us to do.  Throughout our marriage, whenever I was driving Scott crazy or doing something he didn't understand - as women often do - I would say "Just Love Me, Baby."  I still use this phrase with him now...and reciprocate it back to him because isn't that what is really important after all?

I remind myself often, and Scott too, that this is just his body that is struggling to work right...and that his soul will never change.   Cancer cannot touch his soul.  He will forever be the Scott that we all know and love...he is still that same guy now - just with a body that can't keep up with his amazing spirit.


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