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Sunday, June 05, 2016

My Survivor

Scott is resting in his hospital bed with an elevated heart rate and labored breathing. His nose is packed which seems to have successfully stopped the bleeding.  We were told by the ER Doctor that it was a posterior bleed (back further in the nasal cavity).  They have given him morphine and an oxygen mask which helps to provide some rest to him.  He will remain here for another night and may be admitted to an in-patient hospice room on a different floor while the nose hopefully clots successfully and his vitals even out.

I learned from my sister in law, Laura, that today is National Cancer Survivor's Day.  Scott is my survivor fighting to survive each day.   



  1. Alissa Rust2:49 PM

    A fighting survivor.... Praying for him and all of you everyday!

  2. He is one incredible survivor! Each of the Spoerls is a survivor in their own right in our eyes. You all continue to amaze us each day! xo