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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Resting comfortably

Scott spent most of the day today (Tuesday) sleeping with some brief periods when he woke up to listen to a friend or family member or eat a little bit of food. He needed less morphine and oxygen today so that was a step in a good direction.   I am working with the hospice nurse (who communicates with Scott's oncologist) to make a plan for when he will be discharged.  We don't know when that will be -- it all depends upon how our plan goes.  He has some trouble swallowing so some of his medications are hard to take at home.  We are looking into substitutions and liquid forms. Then I want to try this out at Overlook before we leave.  As for the nose bleed, all seems to be holding tight right now -- I like that the packing he has in his nose remains there until it dissolves so hopefully that means no nose bleeds anytime soon -- or ever!  

Paige and JJ had a lunch away from school today and came to visit Scott over their lunch hours.  It was nice all being together on a week day at lunch time :)      Now it's time for me to make up my "hospital bed" so that I can be with Scott during the night should he need me.  Overlook actually provided me with my choice of two different sleeper chairs to use during his stay...that is a huge step up from Columbia where they don't provide any!

Good night all.  Sweet dreams.



  1. Sweet dreams to all of you.Sending tons of love your way. xo

  2. Julie: You have all my love, thoughts and prayers coming at you. Please give Scott a big hug and tell him I love him. Love, Andrew