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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Treatments Starting Soon

Hey everybody--Scott again.

Just a quick update. Lots of people are reading the blog (even if I am writing stupid things). I would love to give you all updates every day, but there isn't always news worth sharing. We try to get some news up here whenever we have some. There isn't actual definitive news, but things are moving forward on treatments, so here is some info.

I had a "dry run" of radiation performed earlier this week. No rad delivered, but the team there spent about an hour, testing all the computer generated mapping, checking and marking the mask, getting me properly aligned, etc. Basically, they are testing everything to make sure that they can properly and exactly aim the radiation. The rad system is basically in a big room and there are lazers positioned around the room that put cross hairs on me to make sure I am perfectly positioned. Once they position me, the machine moves around me to deliver the radiation exactly where they want it. Now that they have done all that, they are ready to start real treatments at any time. The treatments will likely be Monday thru Friday at 8:30 am, which is a good time for me. I may start as early as later this week or start of next week. No reason to delay this....the sooner the better.

Also rec'd chemo medication in the mail today. That is ready for me to take whenever I start. I am supposed to start the chemo the night before I take the first rad treatment.

Tomorrow am I have a second opinion appt with a neuro-oncologist with MSK in Basking Ridge. Just about every oncologist would recommend the same combo of rad and chemo, but I want to hear about MSK's approach before I make the final decision to move forward.

As soon as I have some, I'll post some more info on the final decision, the start dates, the location, etc. From that point forward it will be full steam ahead and I will not be looking back.

Much thanks and love to all of you for all your support, prayers and care.


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Poobes & Jules,

    I just heard. I know you will beat this. Nothing but positive thoughts. If there is anything you need or anything I can do, please let me know. I will be thinking about you guys often.


  2. soon Scott will start to glow like a Peeps know, the really scary orange marshmallow things that Grandma loves?
    It's great news that your treatment is getting started soon. Lots and lots of prayers and happy thoughts are headed from Illinois to New Jersey.

  3. Donna McBarron (Sisco)10:52 PM


    Hang in there Scott. It sounds like you have done all of your research and are doing the right thing. More importantly, it sounds like you've got the best support system anyone could ask for. Just wanted to let you know your old law school friends are thinking about you and praying for you.

    Love, Donna