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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Changes in Treatment and Meds

Whew!  I can't believe it is already Saturday night!  The week flew by with lots of doctors appointments.  Scott saw a GI specialist, epilepsy specialist, and neuro-oncologist.    The short summary is that we have upped his anti-seizure meds and we will also make sure not to change manufactures of the meds because that may have caused the seizure.  He also received another chemotherapy infusion medication on Friday morning called Avastin.  It is a drug used to treat brain cancer but can also have a side effect of reducing swelling in the brain.  We are hoping this med helps to relieve some of his cognitive and speech struggles, and maybe eventually reduce his steroid intake.  He will receive the infusion every two weeks and continue to take CCNU every 6 weeks.

The best part of the week was that Papa Ron arrived on Wednesday night (a week earlier than expected! yay!) and he will stay with us for a month!   Since I don't like to leave Scott alone at home right now, it is a big help to have him at the house when I have to take the kids places, run errands, etc, especially on the weekends.

We also got to meet our new niece, Brooke Emerson Spoerl this week.  Scott had already met her last week but it was the first time for the rest of us.  She is so tiny and so sweet.  Katelyn is already a great Big Sister to baby Brooke and Ben and Laura are very blessed!

Oh - and go Hawkeyes!!  Another win for the undefeated Iowa football team!  It's been fun spending our Saturdays rooting them on!

Scott with Katelyn!
Spoerl Cousins!

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  1. Welcome Brooke! The world's a better place with more Spoerls!