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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spending his birthday in the hospital :(

When Scott struck a fever and stiff neck tonight after a weekend of increased right hand trouble, speech difficulties, confusion, vision problems, and a myriad of other small symptoms, he has landed a birthday stay at Columbia.  The doctors are being cautious and want to run some tests and watch him for a bit ... playing it on the safe side.  We are currently still in the ER (12:30am) but at least it's a small area in a quiet corner.  We will most likely spend most of the night here until he gets a room on the neuro floor.

Happy 43rd to the love of my life...I so wish I could make this all go away for you, for us, but we've made it through 9 years of this fight and we'll keep on fighting.  Like Rachel Platten sings,  

"Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you 
Love, you're not alone, cause I'm gonna stand by you."



  1. Keep fighting!! <3


  2. Love and prayers from Iowa! And happy birthday wishes, Scott! I remember being so excited when you were born - 3 days after my 10th birthday! Love to all of you!!! ��

  3. Happy Birthday!! Stay strong! Xoxo

  4. Love and prayers for your birthday and more. Take care of you too Julie <3