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Thursday, February 11, 2016

#Heartsforbrains #ScottAndJuliesLoveStory

Valentine's Day has always been a special holiday to me and Scott.  For years, we hosted Valentine's Day parties...starting way back in the mid 90's when we made the parties date-required for all of our single friends!  Valentine's Day is still special to us today, even though we are no longer throwing the late-night dance parties, we still celebrate our years of love together.

So when Voices Against Brain Cancer, an organization that we've supported that has supported us over the years, asked us to make a video about our "love story" to raise awareness for brain cancer, we didn't hesitate.  Here it is...hope you enjoy it.  Even better, if you feel inclined, make a donation to the organization to help find a cure.  (Just an FYI....I've been told this video should come with a tissue warning so you've been warned.)


To make a donation to Voices Against Brain Cancer, click here.

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