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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

New Digs for JJ

Well we have made it almost 3 weeks since Scott's Dad, Ron, went back to Iowa.  His Mom has been a huge help (as usual) since Ron left, staying late and coming out to us on the weekends.  She even stayed overnight on the day of the big torrential down pour last week because she and Scott came back from doctor's appointments late that day and the weather was just too terrible for her to make it home.

In preparation for Ron's return trip to NJ (which happens Thursday night! woo hoo!), we moved JJ to the basement "suite" -- which is "sweet."  He is very excited about his new digs.  I then spackled (a new skill for me!) and painted JJ's old room for Ron.  We borrowed a bed from Ben (thanks to Michelle and Kamil for moving it) and some night stands, hung a picture, and had the Verizon guy run a cable for TV.   We hope he likes it!

As for Scott, he is hanging in there but each day proves to provide some challenges. His platelets have dropped so we are watching those closely.  He had a blood test today and we'll get the results from that before the week is up to see if they are still trending down.  He has an MRI on Monday and will see the oncologist and blood clot doctor after the MRI.  His right side continues to provide challenges but he goes for short walks every day to try to strengthen his leg.  Things seem to work better in the mornings but his body gets tired  as the day gets later.   His speech is the most frustrating for him as the words are just really hard to find.  I wish nothing more in life than to ease his troubles.
Even through all Scott's struggles, he still does little things each day for us.  That's Scott - always thinking of others.   Say a prayer for him - whatever your heart guides you to pray.


Here's some pics of the room transformations:

JJ's New Digs (the basement fridge is temporarily still in his space - and he's got a full setup on the other side of the basement complete with a foosball table and xbox! Every boy's dream space.)

New room for Ron 


  1. Julie looks fantastic!!

  2. Go you! If looks great! So impressed!