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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nantucket Moments

We returned from our trip to Nantucket island on Saturday afternoon.  When I first arrived in Nantucket last Sunday, I thought that I had made a huge mistake returning there so soon after Scott's death.  You see, Nantucket wasn't just a place that we vacationed with the kids every summer, it was also where Scott and I honeymooned 18 years ago.  The home that we stay in is owned by a good family friend of the Spoerls (and me!) and it is a place where Scott even vacationed with his family as a kid.   It is beautiful, peaceful, remote, relaxed, and really like heaven on earth.

Upon arrival, I started to do what I do on all vacations, unpack my stuff.  (JJ and I are unpackers and Paige and Scott have always lived out of their suitcases on vacations!.)  When I entered the room where we always stayed, I was overcome with sadness and the tears poured out uncontrollably in giant heaves.  I felt as though I made a huge mistake and was not ready for this experience.  After quite a period of grieving, I decided I just couldn't sleep in that room.  I made a new sleeping arrangement and decided to bunk in with the kids.  After a couple of days, Nantucket's healing power and peaceful state started to take effect on me.  Don't get me wrong, my pain didn't stop but it started to be able to live along side of the good Nantucket moments which included:

  • Amazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets
  • Reading, reading, reading - books are great for escaping this world
  • Coffee and zucchini bread on the deck on Nantucket mornings
  • A break from electronics in all forms - phones, TVs, radios, everything
  • Family dinners including fresh seafood
  • Game playing - Nantucketopoly, Yahtzee, LRC, Farkel, and more
  • A trip to town for shopping, dinner, music by the Cobbletones, and Juice Bar ice cream
  • Beach time every day - warm sun and calm ocean.  I could stay on the beach all day long.  

I was able to return to the room Scott and I shared by the 3rd night and although it wasn't easy, time has a gradual healing power.  Scott's spirit surrounded us the entire week as we sprinkled some of his ashes there so he could stay in his happy place forever.  

Paige, JJ and the Nantucket Sunset

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