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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 17th

Today would be Scott's 44th birthday.  

It is also Children's Grief Awareness Day.  

Each year, Scott wanted nothing more than to give to others for his birthday.  He would always ask us to make donations to charitble organizations instead of giving him gifts.  So today, I will donate to Imagine in Westfield, NJ.  Imagine is a center for families coping with loss.  The kids and I starting going there about a month ago to connect with others in similar postions.  I think we have all found it to be a positive experience, in different ways.  The center is moving to a new location over the next month, closer to us in Mountainside, NJ, where they will be able to really design their own space to meet the needs of the kids and their families who attend group sessions at Imagine.

The link to donate to this organization is below if would also like to make a contribution to them in memory of Scott, on this day which would be his 44th birthday, and the first time his children will live this special day of the year without him. 


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